Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Last Christmas

So, I've been listening to the famous song "Last Christmas". I'm currently writing a story and I'm going to try and post it closer to the holidays. I've been reading and re-reading and editing it over and over again. So it should be pretty decent in my case. It goes out to Akatsuki Child. She's the one who actually gave me some tips on writing so this is for her! Here's her blog:

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


OK, I really need some inspiration for my FanFiction story "City Boy, Town Girl". I feel like its going no where so give me ideas!

Bullying vs. Violence?

So, I was sitting at my table in my 6th period class, Leadership 2. There is only one guy at our table and the rest of us are girls because the teacher arranged us my what month our birthday was in. That means we have four February's, one March, and one April. Anyway, we were working on a packet that was due at the end of class and Lane, the guy, was arguing with the girl next to me how bullying was different then violence. So, knowing me, I joined in and sided with Lane by saying bullying is different then just violence because it also effects people mentally. Then Haley says something about cheese and rats to lighten the atmosphere and I burst out laughing as does the rest of the table.

Next thing you know, I'm crying...Again. I had already cried five times in one class period from laughing. Apparently, everyone thought it was funny and started laughing and I started laughing even more! Then, Vita says something serious about what her topic was. What's weird is that right after she said that, we all stopped laughing. *sigh* I have such weird friends who now know that I cry in class...from laughing!